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Apply to join Phoenix

Current Openings

Weekday Team

  1. No current openings but if you are a good player in your class please talk to Perry or Polemos.

Application Process

Phoenix is a guild that finds a balance between raiding and real life. We work hard to progress and raiders are expected to know their class and their role when they come to raids. At the same time we do limit our raid times and even during progression will not generally exceed the specified window. Extra raid windows are scheduled during progression times occasionally to allow us to make headway however we take care to make sure this works around the majority of our members. We have two raid teams one running Wednesday and Thursday evenings 8 to 11pm server time.

If you think you would like to join our ranks please do take the time to review our Code of Conduct, Loot Priority and Loot Rules before continuing. Members are expected to know and be ok with these policies which are updated from time to time after the leadership discuss and agree on changes. Once finalized those changes are announced in Discord and also updated on this site. We realise that there is a fair amount to go through but these rules and policies govern the guild and are applied equally to all.

After that feel free to join our Discord channel and also to reach out to one of our Leaders to get to know us.