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Welcome to Phoenix

Phoenix is raiding guild with a laid back approach. We play to have fun first and foremost which doesnít keep us from doing well. We run Wednesday and Thursday raids each week. We are progressing well in Naxx. We still find plenty of time to joke around along the way; from summoning people off of edges to encouraging them to beat frogger while getting snowballed. Our focus isnít to beat all the records but to really enjoy this journey back to the Classic World of Warcraft raid days.

He put up a good fight, but he wasn't using his throne anyways so it's ours now.

Our leadership consists of five guild masters which share the responsibility of running the guild day to day, along with an class leads. We have a clear set of rules as outlined on this site and we run via a transparent DKP loot system. If you are interested in joining our ranks please review our Code of Conduct and Loot Rules after which point you are welcome to join our discord and reach out to one of our officers to discuss application.

You migth feel a cold burning sensation, that's normal.

All our raiders are expected to come to raids with knowledge of their roles in the encounters as well as raid consumables. We are making great progress in Naxx without altering our raiding schedule. Each week has seen us clear more content.

Patchwerk wasn't hard once we figured out the math.

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