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While every attempt is made to keep this page up to date the master copy can be found here.

Welcome! This document will answer any questions regarding loot priority.

Where is it?

The Phoenix Loot Priority can be found here.

What is it?

It is a spreadsheet detailing what classes are able to bid on what items in raids.

Why is this a thing?

For the most part, everybody already knows that Rogues shouldn't bid on mageblades and the Priest isn't getting Perditions any time soon... but as of right now there aren't actually any rules against either of those things happening should someone want to spend the DKP. Obviously such a silly bid would be ignored, but there are more than a couple items with a fair bit more ambiguity. The goal of this list is simply to tell people in advance what the decision of the Master Looter will be in those situations so that everybody knows what's happening before the raid starts.

How does it work?

It's very simple: if someone from Priority 1 bids on an item then will be given the item over someone from Priority 2 or 3. If an item has no priority, or everyone from all listed priorities have passed, then anybody may bid.

When will it be used?

In every Phoenix Guild raid. If there are going to be any reserved items, exceptions, or basically any changes at all to how loot will be distributed in a given raid it will be announced in both the raid signup channel in discord and the raid itself when it begins. An example of this might be if a raid needs to reserve an Onyxia head for a tank. These instances will be extremely rare in order to maintain fairness for the rest of the raid.

How will is be used?

ALL loot disputes will be resolved using this sheet. Please make sure you review any items you might want to bid on and ensure you are happy with the priority listed. Changes will not be made when an item drops outside extreme circumstances at which point the Officers will make a decision.

Why can't I just bid on anything I want?

Many raid items are significantly better utilised by one class or role over another. While this is generally common sense it is preferable to have all items listed clearly with all priorities assigned. That said you will find that on the vast majority of items you could want you will be listed as Priority 1. We aren't looking to stop people from getting their gear, only have it given to the classes who can use it best and avoid as much drama around loot as possible.

Why don't I have priority on my BiS item?!

For the most part, you do! However there are a few key items where an item might be considered best in slot for one class yet an easily obtainable and almost the same item can be used instead. For example while Choker of the Fire Lord is an amazing healing neckpiece it also has a very low drop rate from the end boss in a raid. Animated Chain Necklace is only slightly worse for healing and much easier to obtain, while Choker of the Fire Lord is significantly better than any other spell damage neckpiece in the game. As such, healers would not be allowed to bid on the Choker of the Fire Lord unless no caster DPS wanted it. Other examples are melee weapons for hunters, ranged weapons for melee, and so on. The goal is to give priority to classes that gain the most from an item rather than letting others take them for a minor upgrade. Remember that just because an item is the best you can get doesn't actually make it a significant upgrade!

That sucks and I don't like it.

We do appreciate that everybody wants the best items for their character and that we have DKP for you to spend, however giving powerful items to classes that don't benefit from them fully, or whom can obtain replacements much easier, is unfair and disrespectful to other raiders.

That's fair, but you're wrong about item X.

Probably! Please understand that as of this writing the entire list was written and all priorities assigned by one person. Research was done where possible but quite frankly there are an insane number of items and I haven't played every class at max level, or even at all. If you believe I am wrong about something then please post in the appropriate channel on Discord and the item in question will be reviewed and updated if required. Please provide a reason for your objection. Simply saying that you want the item or "it's BiS" is not a valid reason. Similarly if you feel another class does not deserve priority please explain why. The goal for every single item on this list is for the entire guild to look at any given item and say "Yep that's fair".

Is this list set in stone?

Absolutely not, however it is set in stone once a raid begins. Changes will not be made mid raid or during looting - if an item is not worth quickly looking at in a spreadsheet then you clearly do not want it that badly. For example it is highly likely this list will change between the first iteration and the first raid to use it based off feedback. Please make sure you have double checked any items you expect to bid on beforehand and make sure you check the #code-of-conduct-rules channel on discord for any updates.

So it can never be overridden ever?

The Master Looter/Raid Leader and other Officers of each raid have the final say about everything that happens in a given raid, however outside extreme circumstances assume that the priority list as written when the raid starts will be the deciding factor. If a scenario arises that very clearly goes against the intent of the loot priority list, it will be dealt with at that time.

Will be priorities be announced during looting?

The Master Looter will make an effort where possible, especially if bidding is being opened to lower priority classes. However the loot priorities apply whether they do or not. It is significantly less effort for all of us to look over the items we want and know where the priority lies than the ML to need to remember for everyone in addition to everything else they have to do around loot and DKP. PLEASE do not bid if you are not in P1 for an item unless asked, you will just be complicating and delaying loot.

Can I bid on every item just in case?

Please do not do this unless specifically asked. If bids are being opened for P2 it will be called ahead of time. A second round of bidding will be called in the event nobody from P1 wants/needs an item regardless of who else bids.

I'm in P2 but I'm willing to spend way more DKP than the people in P1!

Unfortunately you will still need to wait until bids open for P2 because your bid will be accepted.

I have no DKP, can I go negative and still have priority?

No, negative DKP is in place to prevent items being disenchanted only. If the only person wanting an item with P1 does not have 70DKP, those from P2/P3 will be allowed to bid if they wish. If they all opt to pass then you may purchase the item and go negative as per the normal loot rules.