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While every attempt is made to keep this page up to date the master copy can be found here.

Welcome to the Phoenix Loot Rules for Old Raids! Please read over these rules carefully and make sure you raise any questions or objections you might have before raids. When disputes occur on raid nights, 99% of the time the rules as written will be followed. If these rules are updated we will make an effort to notify everybody however it is strongly encouraged that you check for updates regularly.

What is an old raid?

Any raid that you do not earn and spend DKP in. Currently this includes Molten Core and Onyxia.

The System

How to Roll

This will let us quickly see who wants an item and what they want it for. All mainspec rolls beat off spec rolls. If we get more than 1 person doing a /roll 1 for an item those people will all reroll.

What is a main spec?

Raiders will always be considered to be rolling main spec as the role they perform in the progression raids. If you are a Druid that heals in BWL but is tanking MC, your main spec is still healing. Alts main spec will be considered what role they are performing in a given raid unless otherwise stated by the officers/raid leader prior to raid start.

To roll on an item as a main spec it must be an item you will use in raids for your main spec. If you would only use an item in PvP or dungeons etc, you will need to wait for off spec rolls.

How are you deciding what is a main and what is an alt?

Very simple! If a character has a guild rank of Raider or above (so Weekday Raider/Weekend Raider etc) they are considered a main. Characters below these ranks are alts.

Hey hey what about you sneaky officer types? You all have higher ranks!

Officers will only be rolling on characters that are consistently part of either raid team. For example Imto's mage is considered a raider due to being a consistent core member of the Weekend raid, however Sparcrypts druid is not as it has only ever been used as a substitute when needed.

But you just promoted someone new to raider and they want the same gear as me!

This might happen, if it does then we are sorry if you lose a roll to them. There is only so much control we can put on loot without going full blown Loot Council, something we are not looking to do. That said, for someone to be promoted to raider will require them to be reasonably geared for the current progression raids so this shouldn't be much of an issue.

What does "with exceptions for tank items" mean?

We have always done a quasi loot council style looting for our tanks where they essentially sort the gear out themselves as to who gets what for the benefit of the raid as a whole. This has worked extremely well for the guild to date and has made sure we have multiple well geared tanks and has weathered us through several tanks stepping down or leaving the guild. Because it is vital for guild progression that our tanks have the appropriate gear we will continue to do this even in old raids regardless of any other loot system. This also extends to raiding off tanks for certain gear and situations if needed. Basically when tank loot drops it may be given directly to someone or it may not, though we will make sure this is done as fairly as possible. Keep in mind that at this point our raiding tanks do have most of what they need already so this should very rarely, if ever be an issue.

When is loot done?

Loot is collected by the Master Looter and all loot is done at the end of the raid. Please make sure to focus during this time, keep chatter to a minimum, and pay attention in Discord. We want loot to be smooth and fair, so please no joke rolls/etc as we’ve seen it lead to mistakes in the past.

BoEs - Bind on Equips

BoEs that drop are treated the same as other loot and they must be equipped immediately. If a BoE drops and is not needed by anybody it goes to the guild bank and will be available under the same rules as found in the main Loot Rules document.


All patterns/recipes will be given to a nominated guild member (generally an Officer) of that profession for free with the expectation that they will make those items for guild members at no cost, with materials provided either by the guild (if available) or by the member. Subsequent patterns may be rolled on by players who have 300 of that profession and can learn it on the spot.


All raid materials obtained in the raid will be sent to the guild bank. Should members require some of these materials for their character to craft certain items they may be able to be provided depending on current stock and existing plans for them. Certain items may require payment however it will be at a heavily discounted rate (generally 50% market value).