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GM Perry

Our loot and DKP master is generally a quieter voice during raids. He organizes and manages the in game systems that keep Phoenix going.

GM Sparcrypt

When he is not topping the DPS charts Sparcrypt manages Discord and other documentation that keeps us all honest. Like all leaders he plays an active role in mediating disputes and keeping the peace.

GM Stümpy

Found in our front lines, bravely charging in and risking his life and repair bill Stümpy is one of the guilds main tanks. With an easy going nature he takes every defeat lying down.

GM Imtokanti

Our half sized prince, a fearless gnome tank who's stature belies his bravery.

GM Polemos

Helping fill our ranks and managing the roster for us he selflessly threw himself into the fire to let us keep clearing content. The reason this surprised us all is he's a warlock, which aren't generally known to be selfless.

Class Leads

Currently these players are giving of their time to help keep Phoenix rolling.