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While every attempt is made to keep this page up to date the master copy can be found here.

Welcome to the Phoenix Code of Conduct! We are all here for a good time, but whenever large groups of people gather it's always best to have a set of rules to fall back on in the event of any disagreement. We encourage all members to read and provide feedback on everything contained in this document so that it can be improved.


Let me just start this by saying that by and large this is a very relaxed and welcoming guild with very little drama. These rules exist primarily so that officers have a reference for resolving disputes fairly and consistently. So long as you're good to one another, you're fine. That said, in order to be fair and consistent, the guild leadership needs a solidly laid out set of rules to reference when it's time to resolve disputes/make decisions and it's to everyone's benefit these be both clear and public.

General Conduct

  1. Harassment or abuse of any guild member for any reason will not be tolerated. Just be good to one another, keep it civil and constructive.
  2. We are a family friendly guild and while there are no rules against general cursing etc, please avoid doing so to excess. Any form of racist/sexist/other discriminatory comments are strictly forbidden. Aside from simple human decency all such comments are against the ToS for both WoW and Discord and can cause problems for the entire guild.

    We are aware that this is a rule that can create some drama due to its wide scope, so simply ask for everybody to be adults. We will not be punishing people for light hearted or well meaning jokes and do ask that people accept that we have a wide variety of personalities and senses of humour in the guild. Everybody has a right to feel welcome and respected, but we aren't looking for extreme censorship either.

    Basically, just be good to one another and if something someone says truly bothers you then let them know via whisper and talk it out. If you are not able to do so then please inform an Officer. For those with a truly dark sense of humour we have given you your own Discord channel, have fun!

  3. Whether running with guildmates or others players on the server, Phoenix members are expected to be friendly, non-toxic, and fair to other players. A bad name for our guild hurts everybody in it and will cost is valuable members both now and in the future. Evidence of toxic behaviour, ninja looting, or any kind of abuse will be taken extremely seriously.


Discord is the primary method of communication for all guild related matters and you are expected to check it regularly. New information will be posted there first, raid signups are conducted there, questions are asked and answered. We love guild chat and encourage its use, but if you want accurate and timely information please check the Discord.

While we make every effort to inform people in game of what's going on, you may miss vital information that places you at a disadvantage if you are not regularly checking the relevant channels.

Please see the guild information tab in game if you require access to Discord.


If you have a dispute or disagreement with another guild member, you are encouraged to work things out with one another privately. We're all here to have fun! If you are unable to resolve things privately, feel targeted or harassed, or otherwise do not wish to deal with said person then please do not escalate things. Simply disengage and contact an Officer who will attempt to resolve the issue. In cases of abuse or harassment please send screenshots via discord directly to an Officer, do not post them in any public channel.

Please note that before any decision is made, Officers will attempt to speak to all involved parties and hear all sides and that until an issue is fully resolved all parties may need to show some patience and understanding.

Also please remember that we are a large guild and you are not required to get along with everybody - if you and another guild member find yourself frequently clashing with one another then you can choose to simply not engage directly with that person when not required. There are no penalties for placing other members on ignore or muting them in discord (Officers must not be ignored/muted, if you feel the need to do so please raise your issues with another Officer).

Warning System

Should it be warranted, the guild leadership may issue a warning for a members behaviour - these will not be handed out lightly and will only be done so after a meeting and discussion between the guilds officers. If the member in question continues with their behaviour after receiving a warning they may face additional consequences such as loss of privileges in guild chat/discord, loss of raiding position, or removal from the guild. Severe offenses may not receive a warning and will generally result in the removal of a member from the guild.

Raiding - Core Raiders

Core raiders can be identified with their rank in guild - either Weekday Raider or Weekend Raider. Core raiders have guaranteed slots in all raids so long as they sign up in discord and show up on time. Core slots are handed out based on what roles the raid needs as well as attendance/availability/general guild conduct. Core raiders do NOT have any form of loot priority over other members. You earn it, you spend it.

Raiding - Mains/Alts/Etc

For the purposes of raiding you are either a raider or an alt. Raiders are character based, not account based. Characters earn their own DKP to be spent and must apply separately to raids. This means if you have a warlock with a raid spot but wish to bring your mage from now on instead, you need to ask the guild leadership who will see if there is a spot for your mage, check your gear and otherwise assess the character independently. If there is no spot for your mage you may choose to sign up as a reserve the same as any other non raider. An individual may have more than one character promoted to raider, however may only have one per raid (so you could have a warlock in the weekday raid and a mage in the weekend raid).

Raiding - Signups

Raid sign ups are done via Discord in the appropriate channels. Signing up does not guarantee you a spot in raid however ALL members who have signed up will be given priority invites over those who have not, regardless of rank. Invites will be sent according to the needs of the raid. The final tiebreaker for invites (after rank and raid needs) will be the order in which people have signed up in Discord assuming they are online and ready to go when the invites are sent out.

Raiding - Invites

  1. Raids run Wednesdays and Thursday, typically from 8 - 11 server time with anything different communicated via Discord. Invites will go out first to all members who have signed up and holding the appropriate rank for those raids at least 30 minutes prior to the advertised raid start time.
  2. No more than 20 minutes prior to raid start, members from other raids and other ranks of the guild may be invited. All invites are at the Raid Leaders discretion.
  3. If you are not a core member of the nights raid team but would like to attend, sign up via the bench icon in Discord and be online when the raid is formed.
  4. Reserves will be filled based first on the roles required for the raid and then in the order that members signed up on Discord.

Raiding - Late/Missing a Raid

If you are going to be late to a raid and know in advance, please post as much in the appropriate discord chat and prepare your character by ensuring they are fully repaired with the appropriate reagents/consumables and preferably logged out by the raid entrance - respect the time of your fellow raiders. Your spot may be held at the Raid Leaders discretion according to the needs of the raid.

Core raiders are expected to post in advance for any raid they are not able to make whenever reasonably possible. Repeatedly missing raids without explanation may result in the removal of Core status.

Raiding - Addons

The following addons are required to be installed and kept up to date for all raiders. You do not have to do any kind of configuration beyond the defaults if you do not wish to.

  1. Deadly Boss Mods or Bigwigs.
  2. Details!, ThreatClassic2, or some other threat management addon. ClassicThreatMeter is no longer updated and does not work.
  3. Ora3
  4. Community DKP
  5. Healcomm Classic (Healers only)
  6. JeypLoathebHealSorter (Healers only)
  7. Angry Assignments (Tanks Healers Leadership)
  8. Decursive (Healers/Mages only, feel free to configure your healing addon for this instead however all classes that can decurse/dispel/remove diseases/poisons must be able to see when the raid has these conditions and be able to remove them.)
  9. Classic Raid Assist

Raiding - Hybrid Classes

If you are playing a hybrid class such as Druid or Paladin, please take the time to configure a healing/decursing setup for when needed. As an example if you are a feral Druid please make sure you are able to easily Decurse/Abolish Poison, cast Innervate, or Battle Rez easily via raid frames. Also please make an effort to build up a gear set for whatever your off spec is, there are times you may be asked to heal (or DPS) regardless of your spec.

Raiding - Preparation

Prior to raiding it is highly recommended that you have a general idea of how each encounter works and what your role is going to be. A quick look on YouTube will yield many guides for each fight. Whenever we have new players in raids we will always go over what is expected of them however it is greatly beneficial to have seen an example of the fight before hand.

Raiding - Consumables

It is highly advised that you bring the appropriate consumables to each raid, especially for progression. These vary from class to class but common examples include Major Mana Potions for healers or Greater Fire Resist potions for tanks/melee. If you aren't sure what to bring, talk to an officer or a core raider of the same class. For future content we may require that you purchase or craft certain consumables for raids in order to help clear the content easier however it is only encouraged, not required, at this time. The guild bank will assist with this where possible however please remember that the bank only has what we put in to it! Donations of gold/herbs/recipes/etc are always welcome.

Raiding - Conduct During Raids

Raids are a time to relax, have fun, and get some loot! It's why we all play and it's no fun having a bunch of rules. That said, if things get a little too relaxed then raids can drag on and wipes can be caused and that lowers the enjoyment for everybody. As such here are a few guidelines regarding raid conduct.


  1. Do not show up drunk/otherwise unable to properly function in discord and in game. It hurts my very soul that we need this as a rule.
  2. Everybody must be on Discord during raids. You do not need to talk, but you must be able to listen. Do not deafen yourself at any point during the raid. If your circumstances prohibit this please contact an Officer to discuss and accommodations will be made where possible.
  3. Regarding rule 2 above - if you wish to tank in any form you will need to make sure you can speak in discord to make yourself hear while being able to easily understand the other tanks and raid leaders.
  4. You are welcome to mute anybody you like so long as you can hear the Raid Leader, Officers, and the Tanks. However be aware that doing so might cost you important information and is not advised.
  5. Know when to talk and when to listen: we all love to have a good time talking with our guild mates but at times it's important to be quiet and listen. If the tanks or healers are having a discussion about how to handle an encounter, keep discord clear of banter. If an encounter is being discussed, quiet down and keep comments or suggestions until they are finished. If the entire raid is sitting in front of a boss it is important to keep things clear so that people who are missing buffs or have questions can speak up and receive clear answers.
  6. If you see a raid warning asking you to clear comms, or hear someone asking for it, it means please stop talking so that the Raid Leader and other officers can keep things moving.
  7. While suggestions are welcome, the time for such generally is not standing in front of a boss. The Raid Leader will decide what strategy is going to be used on a boss. Unless there are some serious issues that require attention, please make your suggestions via whisper or in a discussion after the raid. They are absolutely appreciated but it's important that a raid keeps moving.
  8. If you are not the Raid Leader, do not make calls other than to provide information or unless your role requires it (such as a tank calling a target etc).
  9. Other than that, make sure you do what you're asked by the Raid Leader and, if applicable, the Main Tank / Healing Leader. They have been given these jobs and require the cooperation of everyone in order to do them.